Dream life

What is a dream life and what does it look like?  You could ask 100 people that question, and you could get 100 different answers.  Even though there are lots of people out there who share certain aspects to a dream life, there are different variations to each one.  Even in the world of travel, where everyone wants to travel, how many people want to travel for the exact same reasons, or go to the exact same places?  I am by no means an expert on this subject, but I do know one thing, I know what my dream life would look like.

I think my dream life is unique, if it’s not, then I would love to know about it.  My dream life is not to live forever or to have great amounts of money.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know that to live a good life and to travel, just like almost anything else in this world, you need money.  I’m not talking about not having money either.  What I’m talking about is only having enough money to survive and to get the things you need.  The sad thing, in my opinion, is that we tend to worry about and try to get more and more money, even when we don’t need it.  As the old saying goes, “money can’t buy you happiness.”  My point is that it’s not about the money, it’s about getting the things you want and need, the things that money gets us, which brings us to the main point of this blog.

My dream life is to always be able to get the things I want and need, whether it’s by using money or other ways.  Now I’m not talking doing anything illegal, far from it.  What I’m talking about is how great it would be if everyone looked out for everyone else, and we didn’t even need to use money.  Where when someone needs something, there will be someone else who is willing to give it to them for free.  Of course I don’t see that happening because there are people who don’t do that.

So, what do we do when we can’t have the best option?  We settle for second best, which is using money.  The truth is that in this world we need money to get certain things, so a realistic dream life, no pun intended, would be to have people who are willing to give money and other things to each other.  If other people give you the things you want and need, and you do the same thing, than there would be a circle of giving that makes everyone happy.  Is that an impossible thing? I think not.  There are lots of people out there that give money and other things to those in need.  I don’t know about you, but I think that would be a great thing, getting everything you want and need without worrying about how you will get it.

Now the only way I can see to make something like this happen is for us to give to one another.  I’m not talking about giving back to the exact person who gave to you.  I’m talking about someone giving to you, and you giving to someone else.  I don’t believe we should give to other people and expect them to give something back to us, then all we are doing is giving so we will get, which I don’t think is the right thing to do.  I think we should give to other people just so we can help them out.  If we get something back in return, great.  If we don’t get anything back in return, then that’s great too.

To sum everything up.  I believe that people should give to one another so no one is ever in need, and by doing so we will eventually receive.  I know this isn’t really travel related, but it works for travelers as well as everyone else.


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